about that singles world

Here we will do everything we can to stay away from the ‘us singles’ conversations.
It is not a group that hangs out together like ‘us trekkers’. Most singles are hoping to leave the tribe. So first and foremost if you are single and reading this blog, stop this solidarity crap.

We know that the ‘not so singles’ have days when they wish they weren’t married/in-a-relationship/whatever. And the ‘singles’ have days when they wish they were with someone. The good part is singles wish is far easier to fulfill.

There is a world and then there is a ‘world for singles’. Really? Like which is the best airline to take in order to get there?

There is nothing against stereotypes, they do come from truth and they do help the working of the society in a lot of ways. But here is the irony, by stereotyping you are displaying a stereotypical behaviour TOWARDS singles. And there is nothing against that too because the thing about truth is that it need not be true – MY truth may not really be THE truth.

More often than not the stereotypical behaviour towards singles comes from ignorance. Our society does not know any better. There are no books that give tips on ‘how to behave around singles’. Like for example “don’t worry, you will find someone” is an UNPARDONABLE sentence to say to a single person no matter how heartfelt it is, unless you are a 99year old granny on her deathbed.


Breaking myths, shaking stereotypes and celebrating the non existence of ‘THAT SINGLES WORLD’.

For me single should not even be word. It can ONLY and only be a word if you are going to call the others ‘plural’.
It is final then, one is either single or plural.


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